Huffpost – “When you’re listening you will truly feel like you’re in the show as trains pass by overhead.”

The Comeback – “The White Vault is not messing around. The production value is high and the lengths they’ve gone to create an atmosphere, as well as a good story, are impressive.”

Speculative Chic – “Creep factor. The White Vault bills itself as a horror podcast and it is. But it’s a stealthy one. It’s a slow-burn sort of horror. […] I was hooked.”

Daily Utah Chronicle – 4.75/5 stars

Shipperslist – “You won’t be disappointed.”

Gizmodo -“as Excellent as It Is Unfathomable.” – “The audio series boasts a diverse international cast, and uses immersive soundscapes and includes an original soundtrack

Rue Morgue – “I have found myself amongst those who seek the Dark Dice. And my genuine hope is that […] you will as well.”

The Holy Crowley Hour – “The writing, acting, and production are absolutely stellar, and, perhaps more than any other podcast creators I know, they go to great lengths in getting the voices, effects, and music as authentic as possible.”